• Commercial success is in the hands of people that are good at creating a product, not necessarily in selling it
  • In the enthusiasm of bringing a product to market, there isn’t enough focus applied which dilutes the efforts
  • Most planning has gone into the product, rather than how to bring it to market
  • Have invested in R&D and product development but haven’t onboarded commercial skills and know-how yet
  • Might face long recruitment cycles for commercial profiles and experience, and as such is losing time to go to market
  • Small start-up teams might need a sounding board for testing their commercialization strategy


  • A further market penetration and/or extra product release requires thorough planning and diligent execution which might be a challenge given the available bandwidth in the commercial team (often fully committed to the early phase commercial products and markets)
  • Sales organizations are growing and therefore coaching and training of the sales team and sales leadership might be needed to benefit from that growth
  • Organic growth in the start-up phase is often not supported by necessary structures, processes and tools. Scale-ups therefore struggle to organizing themselves (roles & responsibilities, CRM tools and use, KOL management)
  • Might be unfamiliar with the new markets/geographies the company is pushing for
  • Need more bandwidth for business development activities but are facing long and costly recruitment cycles

Mature Companies and Corporations

  • Might have a business development bandwidth issue; looking for flexible staffing options
  • Have been doing things in the same way for a while and need an outside view to look at the commercial operation
  • Might not be seeing the commercial success as hoped for and need a review on their commercial activities
  • Want to personally develop their commercial team and need to up-level the skills of their commercial organization through coaching and training

Venture Capitalists

  • Seek more support for portfolio companies to assure successful next steps
  • Need to have confidence in commercial efforts of portfolio companies so that product development efforts flawlessly transition in early commercial success
  • Want to see externally validated assumptions and market knowledge to support product development choices made at portfolio companies
  • Seek external validation of pre-acquisition due diligence by experts that understand market dynamics and commercial challenges

Biotech Incubators

  • Seek more support for incubator companies to assure successful next steps
  • Want to prepare a commercial path for incubator companies
  • Want to obtain due diligence information on the commercial viability of financially supported incubator residents