Health to Market is the place to be for life sciences companies, particularly in med tech, in different maturity stages. Whether you are a start-up ready to go to market, a scale-up aiming for the next growth phase, or a mature organization with growth issues, Health to Market helps you to define the commercial tactical plan, to execute the commercial strategy and to support your business development activities.

Commercial strategy and operations

Health to Market picks up where Inovigate and QbD leave off”, explains Luc Segers, CEO at Health to Market. “ Inovigate is very good at answering big strategic questions like market strategy and product positioningand also market access, and now has a partner to take over when things get to commercializationHealth to Market doesn’t only define your commercial tactical plan, but also provides the right setup for launch and commercialization and executes your commercial operations. 

Health to Market helps start-ups, scale-ups and mature organizations
to develop the commercial tactics, to execute an effective commercial strategy and to support business development.

Luc is a very experienced professional who has worked in various companies, including Multiplicom/Agilent, MDxHealth and Innogenetics. During his 35-year career, he has set up various international commercial teams, launched many new products – including the very first NIPT test – and was heavily involved in general business development. For the last two years, he had been working as an independent consultant. 

“I’m excited about this new step. I can continue what I enjoyed doing as a consultant, but in a real team and with the support of the joint venture. During the talks with Ingrid Maes (Inovigate) and Bart Van Acker (QbD), I felt very aligned with the DNA of both companies.”

Consultancy from R&D to commercialization

The complementarity of expertise within all three organizations now gives MedTech players a go-to for a consultancy from R&D to commercialization. While Inovigate supports defining the market, growth, and funding path, the QbD Group provides knowledge & solutions on product and quality matters (like development, clinical, regulatory & compliance, production, and distribution), and Health to Market makes sure these endeavors also lead to commercial success in the market.

"This joint venture makes it easier to flag issues in phase X that may affect phase Y. During product development, for example, many companies lose sight of the commercial side of things.”
Bart Van Acker
CEO at QbD

“At QbD and Inovigate, we’re getting more and more client questions regarding commercialization”, says Bart Van Acker, CEO at QbD. “In order to meet that need, we gave life to Health to Market. Being supported in the entire development, production, distribution and commercialization of a product under one umbrella, gives you numerous advantages. First of all, this means that you build top-notch expertise and in between phases no longer need to onboard another supplier, which might slow down time-to-market and increase costs.

“Moreover, having one or more members of our partnership on board, makes it easier to flag questions or issues in phase X that may affect phase Y. Many start-ups for example, are so focused on product development that they lose sight of the commercial side of things. This can lead to loss of time or even to bad choices remaining unexposed until it’s too late. I’m very proud that Inovigate came to us with the idea to launch this kind of company. This new chapter in our partnership will increase the overall success of companies and products worldwide.”

“This partnership results in a better integration of product development with the market and funding strategy, while also starting to prepare the market without losing precious time”, completes Ingrid Maes, Managing Director of Inovigate. “The first stages of commercialization of new technologies requires senior expertise and pioneering capabilities that we can now offer via Health to market.”

"With Health to Market we make a next step to bring great innovations faster to patients, and support entrepreneurs to create commercial success.”
Ingrid Maes
Managing Director at Inovigate